RAMBELON OY is an agent company acting in between manufacturers and customers giving information and help to customers. Customers are mainly truck body manufacturers. Rambelon gathers also information and suggestions from customers and helps manufacturers to promote their products and services to suit each customer's needs.
Founder of the company has over 20 years experience of industrial trading as CEO in Finnish and Baltic companies. He has also worked many years in close co-operation with the manufacturers Rambelon represents.


Rambelon Oy is agent for Pastore & Lombardi in Finland and Baltic Countries. The components from Pastore & Lombardi are primarily from their own design and production, mainly used by professional truck body manufacturers of heavy and light vehicles all over the world. The reputation of Pastore &Lombardi stands for quality, design and innovation in all respects.

Pastore & Lombardi in Sweden, Norway and Denmark: www.baxab.se


Rambelon Oy is agent for Vetroresina in Finland and Baltic Countries. Vetroresina has produced high quality Reinforced Polyester since 1968. Vetroresina's laminates are the results of years of experience and continuous technological improvements, and they constitute an extremely versatile product range. They are able to meet the latest market requirements and being an ideal solution to many diverse applications: from motor homes to industrial and commercial vehicles, from cold storage to the building industry, from doors to signage.

Vetroresina in Sweden and Denmark: www.baxab.se

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